Best Winter Activities for Kids

Rain, snow, or sunshine—no matter the weather, our kids love playing outdoors. It's just in their nature. But for most adults, extreme weather changes can make us prefer the indoors.

So as the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, the last thing you want to do is bundle up the family and venture outside. However, staying active is essential for every age—even during the year's winter months. 

The good news is that it's easy to get kids excited about the snow. From sledding and building snowmen to challenging the neighbors to a snowball fight, there's a lot to keep them busy and active while outdoors. 

But what about those days when the wind chill is high, the temperature is below freezing, and there is no way the kids are going outdoors? What then? 

5 Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

To help you keep kids entertained this winter and ensure they're getting enough exercise, here are a few indoor winter activities to try at home.

Indoor Snowball Fight

Okay, before you think we're asking you to bring the cold, wet elements of the outdoors into your dry home, hear us out. 

Nowadays, you don't need "real" snow to have a kid-friendly snowball tournament. Instead, you can purchase soft indoor snowballs to toss around the home. This option from Amazon, for example, gives kids the crunchy snow-like texture they want without the actual slush and ice crystals you don't.

They're also made from a super soft material, meaning kids can toss these around without getting any battle scars. 

Potato Sack Race

Don't have large potato sacks lying around the house? No worries, sleeping bags work great for this game, too! While inside their potato sacks, everyone will hop from one side of the room to the other. The winner gets a prize.

Balloon Volleyball

Make a simple net by tying a piece of yarn between two tall chairs. Next, blow up a few balloons (in case one pops during a game) and have the kids stand on opposite sides of the string facing one another. As with regular volleyball, the goal is to score on the other team's side and not let the balloon fall on your side of the net. 

Want an added challenge? Have the kids try to get the balloon over the net without using their hands.

Dance Freeze

This is a fun way to get the whole family to move. First, start playing a song with a good beat to get everyone dancing. Then, if you're in charge of the music, choose when to pause the song randomly.

Once the song stops, everyone must freeze mid-dance moves. Whoever moves before the song resumes has to sit out until the next game. 

Whoever manages to be the last one dancing wins!

Broom Hockey

Using a long hallway, divide the kids into two teams and give each player a broom. Use masking tape to create two goal lines—one on each end of the hallway. Then provide the kids with a tennis ball as the puck (or one of those soft indoor snowballs) and start the game. 

The first team to get 5 goals wins!

Want More Indoor Winter Activities?

Staying inside our homes for too long can make anyone feel a bit stir-crazy, especially our kids. So when it's still too cold to play outdoors, here are a few other indoor activities you can perform outside of the home.


Be sure to check out your local bowling alley for a day of family fun and entertainment. After all, no one is ever too young or too old to bowl. 

Indoor Rock Climbing

Check if your local area offers indoor rock climbing attractions and plan a day trip! Rock climbing is great for practicing balance, building endurance, and problem solving.

Indoor Skating Rink

Though ice skating outdoors is always a blast, most community centers offer indoor rinks for kids and adults to enjoy. 

Community Classes 

An easy way to ensure the kids are getting enough exercise is to enroll them into a class at your local community center. From indoor swimming and gymnastics to karate or basketball, there are many indoor sport opportunities that will keep kids moving and even help them make friends. 

A Few Tips for Staying Active in Winter

Remember that it's essential for everyone in the family, not just the kids, to stay busy and get exercise this season. When you make it a family activity, your kids are more likely to get involved and it eventually becomes something they look forward to.

So, keep the following in mind when thinking of activities to try this winter.

  • Make sure the activities allow your kids to learn new skills and express their unique personalities.
  • If your kids have different hobbies, try to switch up the activities to allow everyone a chance to pursue their interests. 
  • Decide which times work best for everyone's schedule and plan your activities around those hours.
  • Switch up activities to keep them positive and fun.
  • If the day gets too busy, suggest a family walk around the neighborhood—this is still exercise and still quality time spent together.
  • Ask your kids for ideas and make them part of the planning process.
  • Stick to it! Routine is so important for our kids. Make winter activities a regular family tradition.

For more tips and ideas, stay connected to our blog! We hope everyone has a safe, fun winter that's full of playtime opportunities—whether you're spending time outside or indoors.