Help Kids Avoid Occasional Constipation After Thanksgiving

Most of us adore Thanksgiving. It gets us away from school and work, so we can gather together, indulge in a few savory dishes, and lounge around the house in our pajama bottoms—unless, of course, guests are planning to visit.

No one wants to miss out on oven-roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, or gravy. And that's just the main course. Let's remember that delicious desserts like pumpkin and pecan pies, apple crisp cobbler, and freshly baked cookies will likely appear on the menu too.

Though your mantra of "it's only one time a year" may be true, Thanksgiving dishes can cause seasonal digestive issues. The reason? 

They tend to lack fiber. 

What Causes Thanksgiving Constipation?

With an entire day centered on Ole' Tom Turkey, it's important to remember that our families require more than lean meats and stuffing to fill their tummies this holiday. They need fiber foods that can help support digestion.

Fiber is an essential nutrient that helps you go #2. It also takes longer to digest, meaning you'll feel full longer, so you're less likely to overindulge in sides or other tasty treats at the table. 

Feeling full and bloated after overeating may sound like a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast, but no one likes to feel uncomfortable the rest of the day. And when we eat too much starch or sugar, we increase the chances of experiencing occasional constipation.

But it's not just food that causes constipation after Thanksgiving.

Hydration is another reason why both adults and kids may experience digestive issues. After all, with the day's itinerary mainly focusing on food, it's hard to remember to fill a glass of water to rehydrate. 

Remember, our kids love to imitate us. And that includes what we eat! So, they'll do the same if they see us piling our plates with only the "good" stuff vs. the stuff that nourishes our bodies.

So, how can we avoid occasional constipation after Thanksgiving?

The good news is that your family won't need to skip their favorite seasonal dishes this year. Instead, they can follow a few mindful habits throughout the day to ensure they don't suffer the consequences of too much starchy and sugary foods.

Try these tips to make Thanksgiving fun and free of occasional constipation!

Remember Breakfast

It is, after all, the most important meal of the day. Most people will skip breakfast to save room for the main event, but that is a break in routine and can lead to overeating. 

So instead, try to include a few more fiber foods in the morning menu. A bowl of oatmeal topped with berries and almonds is an excellent start!

Spruce up the Veggie Tray

Veggie trays are an easy appetizer to make during the holidays, so don't pass up the opportunity to serve your kids some fresh carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, and hummus before the feast.

Stick to High-Fiber Dinner Sides

Be sure to include a few fiber side dishes for your family to fill their plates. Options might include fresh green beans (minus the casserole), garlic-roasted Brussels sprouts, and delicious mashed sweet potatoes.

If your family loves a classic green bean casserole, instead of fried onions, use crushed nuts as a topping. You can also include smaller plates to prevent overindulging. Just remember that though turkey is delicious, it lacks fiber, so try to encourage the family to fill up on high-fiber foods instead.

Mix Up the Day with Activities

If the weather is comfortable, go for a walk around the neighborhood with the kids or plan a family kickball event. Getting out of the house for some physical activity prevents everyone from standing around, picking at appetizers or leftovers.

If the weather is rainy or too cold, plan a dance-off with the kids or a game of charades. Whatever gets you all up and moving can help get things grooving when it's time to go #2.

Fill Up Water Bottles

Ensure everyone in the house has a filled water bottle that they remember to refill when empty. You can also supply a large pitcher of water in the refrigerator for everyone to use throughout the day. Finally, for a bit of fiber and flavor, plan to throw in a few fresh berries!

The easier you make water accessible, the more likely kids will drink it. 

Remember, the entire family can benefit from a fiber-focused Thanksgiving, so these rules also apply to the grown-ups!

Need an Easier Fiber Solution This Thanksgiving?

With all the holiday cheer, travel, and running around, sometimes, it takes a lot of work to incorporate all these activities into the day's itinerary. But, if you're traveling this year or already have your arms full with hosting the big family dinner, we have an easier way to ensure your kids get fiber, even on Thanksgiving!

Discover Doolies! This delicious, on-the-go snack contains essential p-fruits like pears and prunes to help kids get the support they need to feel light and free, making #2 a breeze! 

Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy our tasty flavors! Kids eat one package of Doolies a day with water and viola—they're free to be kids and enjoy the holiday festivities with the family.

Don't let occasional constipation have an invite to this year's celebration. Instead, shop Doolies and feel good about your kids' digestion. 

From all of us at Doolies, we wish you a safe, fun, and constipation-free Thanksgiving!